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February — 2003 — The Pipe Supports Blog
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3 Custom Built Disc-Spring Arrestors with Clamps

February 28th, 2003 No comments
3 Custom Built Disc-Spring Arrestors with Clamps

3 Custom Built Disc-Spring Arrestors with Clamps

The disc-spring arrestors provide resistance by utilizing disc springs (sometimes referred to as Belleville® washers) stacked in a series within the assembly housing to produce a specific spring rate.  By utilizing large (over 8 diameter) disc springs, very high spring rates may be obtained.  The arrestors are capable of operating in both tension and compression.

The housing, end bracket, and extension pieces of the spring arrestor are made form A-36 carbon steel. The disc springs are made from ASTM A-1075 spring steel. One clamp (for design temp. of 688 degrees F.) was made from carbon steel and two clamps (for design temp. of 1054 degrees F.) were fabricated from A-387 GR.22 Chrome-Moly steel.

The diameter of each disc spring was 9 with a thickness of 1. The overall pin-to-pin dimension for the assemblies varied with a minimum of 35 and a maximum length of 57. The maximum length that can be accommodated is 120. The clamps were made for 18 and 30 diameter pipes.

The shock arrestor will see a maximum operating load of 43,000 lbs. The spring rate of each arrestor was designed at 40,000 lb./in. The spring arrestors are designed for a maximum displacement of 2. The arrestors were tested to verify spring rate and to confirm the operation of the pipe hanger assembly.

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18,500 lb. Load Constants for a Construction Site

February 21st, 2003 No comments
18,500 lb. Load Constants for a Construction Site

18,500 lb. Load Constants for a Construction Site

The constants are made from A36 carbon steel and range in height from 4′-0 to 5′-0 and C-C dimension of 7′-0 to 8′-4.  They have a load capacity of 12,000 lbs. to 18,500 lbs. and a 4-5 travel capacity. Load setting and travel testing was conducted on the constants to ensure they met the customer’s requirements.

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Variable Springs with Permanent Adjustment Travel Stops

February 7th, 2003 No comments
Variable Springs with Permanent Adjustment Travel Stops

Variable Springs with Permanent Adjustment Travel Stops

Piping Technology & Products designed and manufactured these variable springs with permanent adjustment travel stops for a refinery in Texas.

These types of travel stops are used to allow ease of installation, provide a means for field load adjustment within the working range of the spring, and allow the springs to be “locked” easily whenever they are taken out of service for shutdowns or refurbishment of the system.

For this requisition, a total of 23 variable springs with adjustable travel stops were fabricated.  The springs are made from carbon steel and the adjustment rods are made from A-325 high strength bolt material.  The springs ranged in size from PTP-1-60-F to PTP-2-180-F size spring.  The largest springs were set for an operating load of 12,900 lbs. and a hydrotest load of 14,000 lbs. and a maximum travel of ½.  All of the springs were tested in the load cell to insure proper operation. Per the customer’s request, these springs were supplied at an expedited delivery of 3 weeks.

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