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December — 2014 — The Pipe Supports Blog
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Over 8,000 Instrument Stands Designed for an LNG Facility

December 22nd, 2014 Comments off

Instrument Stands Designed to Mount Instrument Panels in an LNG Facility

PT&P manufactured custom instrument stands designed to mount instrument panels in an LNG facility located in Australia. We are supplying 8,000 assemblies fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. The average size measures 68″ in length, 22″ in width and 82″ in height. Total weight to be shipped is over 800,000 pounds. All assemblies underwent quality control inspection prior to shipment.

Upcoming Webinar: ASME Vessels, Pig Launchers, Strainers and More from Sweco Fab, Inc.

December 18th, 2014 Comments off

This webinar is over, please view the recording at: http://info.pipingtech.com/sweco-fab-webinars/

** Webinar is worth 1 PDH Credit for TX Professional Engineers

Pig LauncherAttend a live Webinar introducing Sweco, Fab. Inc., the ASME design and fabrication division of PT&P. Learn how we design these components for high temperature, high pressure, and/or corrosive environments. Discover the different materials used based on a variety of applications. View some of the very unique and intricate Sweco custom designs, and corresponding technical drawings. Sweco designs and manufactures Pressure Vessels and Tanks, Pig Launchers and Receivers, Duct Work, Transition Pieces, Bellmouth Reducers, Spectacle and Line Blinds, Air Intake Stacks and Dampers, Conical Strainers, Instrument Stands and other custom fabricated products.

The featured presenter, Jerry Godina has over 13 years experience as a pipe support designer and manages PT&P’s engineer training development program. He also inspects existing supports, consults on site remediation projects and oversees installation on a regular basis.

Hydraulic Snubber Designed for a Gas Turbine in a Natural Gas-Fired Combined Cycle Generating Power Plant

December 14th, 2014 Comments off

Hydraulic Snubber Designed for a Gas Turbine in a Natural Gas-Fired Combined Cycle Generating Power Plant

Fronek Anchor/Darling Enterprises Inc., a division of PT&P designed and fabricated this hydraulic snubber assembly for a gas turbine in a natural gas-fired combined cycle generating power plant in Pennsylvania. This fig -510AD is designed for a 10,000 lb. load and a 6″ stroke. It measures 28-1/2″ pin-to-pin and has a 2-1/2″ diameter cylinder. It is designed for an operating temperature of 1052°F and a movement of 4-1/8″. This snubber was tested using the STADAS test machine prior to shipping.

PTFE Slide Plates Designed for an Oil Refinery in Texas

December 1st, 2014 Comments off

PTFE Slide Plates Designed for an Oil Refinery in Texas

PT&P custom designed PTFE slide plates for an oil refinery in Texas. These slide plate assemblies are comprised of 3/32″ thick 25% glass filled (PTFE) slide plates bonded to hot dipped galvanized carbon steel backing plates. The assemblies measure 47-1/2″ long by 36-1/2″ wide and 45″ long by 16″ wide. PTFE material provides a low coefficient of friction, is easy to install, does not require surface treatments, or grouting, and is unaffected by weather conditions.

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