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Information Technology: PT&P Faces the Future

September 3rd, 1995 No comments

1994 has been marked by many new developments in the expanding field of electronic data interchange. Computer upgrades, improved drafting and engineering software, and an electronic network connecting all of PT&P’s computers all contribute to our advance into the future. Look on the Technical page for an example of computer-generated finite element analyses we produce to aid in stress analysis of our product line.

PT&P published a new catalog last winter, and plans are also underway for converting the catalog data to CD-ROM for our forthcoming Electronic Catalog. Piping Technology recognizes the vital importance of high-tech information transfer capability, and it is for this reason that we are looking to make our catalogs and other company information available to our customers who have updated their own electronic capabilities. You can now reach PT&P on the Internet! Our World-Wide Web home page can be found at http://www.pipingtech.com. Also, we can receive E-Mail at info@pipingtech.com. We are asking all of our customers with electronic mail capabilities to send us their e-mail addresses so we can begin compiling our Internet database.

Our adaptation to the latest computerized business tools is yet another testament to PT&P’s flexibility and desire to remain up-to-date with the latest technology in our field. Look for our new catalog, the upcoming PT&P CD-ROM, and the many other advances in electronic data interchange soon to be implemented at Piping Technology. Join us in the future of design, engineering and communications!

Summer Interns Benefit from PT&P's Investment in the Future

September 1st, 1995 No comments

Over the summer of 1995, Piping Technology & Products, Inc. again took advantage of the opportunity for outreach to area high school and college students in order to give them some real-life experience in the world of professional engineering. This year, PT&P sponsored 12 summer interns for work in the design, engineering and clerical departments of our offices. This internship program is a great opportunity for Piping Technology as well as for the students themselves. Several of the students returned from last summer, and it is certain that several of them will be back next year.

The summer interns came from local St. John’s high school and from universities all over the country. Among the represented colleges were the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Middlebury College and Rice University. As a matter of fact, PT&P employees got an exciting opportunity this season to watch summer intern Eric Ober help push the Rice football team to an unprecedented first-place ranking in the Southwest Conference.

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. is committed to furthering the education of today’s young leaders. PT&P realizes that, as we move into the future, the investments we make in the professional and academic development of students will most certainly flourish and provide us with a brighter tomorrow. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. thanks and salutes our summer interns. We look forward to continued participation and cooperation in years to come.

Fuel Cell Technology: PT&P's Role in Tomorrow's Energy Production

August 31st, 1995 No comments

PT&P has received a contract to design, develop and furnish all of the supporting systems for a 250 kW fuel cell unit prototype. Greg P. Michaels and Kishor Bhalara represented PT&P in this venture, designing the alloy supports for the piping and equipment. See below for a look at the fuel cell. PT&P’s contributions are shown in dark green.

Fuel cell technology is a cutting-edge advance in the field of energy production. Though in principle fuel cells have been in development for over 150 years, today’s refinements and prototypes have put the units closer to commercial availability than ever before. During the “space race” of the 1950s and 1960s, NASA launched fuel cells into space for electrical generation on its Gemini and Apollo missions. Today, they are regularly used in space shuttle missions. Until recently, the high cost of fuel cells made them prohibitively expensive for commercial use. However, experts are now predicting a drop in the price per fuel cell kilowatt, and have even ventured that as much as 60,000 MW of power will be produced by fuel cell in the year 2010.

The fuel cell works on a simple though significant principle. Fuel cells produce power by converting chemical energy directly into electrical energy, without requiring work like that done by a rotating generator. As the need for mechanical work is eliminated, the efficiency of the fuel cell increases dramatically. If a fuel cell takes advantage of cogeneration technology as well, the overall efficiency of the unit skyrockets to between 80 and 90 percent, unheard of in conventional power generation schemes. See the diagram below for a look at PT&P’s contributions to this revolutionary advance in energy production technology.

Piping Technology and Products, Inc. is thrilled to be a part of this piece of history. This prototype is certain to profoundly affect the way the world gets its power in the future. PT&P continues to look toward the twenty-first century in our quest for innovation and excellence.

Corrosion Problems? Fight Back with Hot Dip Galvanizing

August 21st, 1995 No comments

Many piping groups in E&C firms are reviewing their strategies for combating corrosion in piping components. The history of Piping Technology & Products, Inc. has been strongly influenced by industry efforts to combat corrosion, which has always been a major problem at Gulf Coast U.S.A. petrochemical plants. The bolted design we developed for variable springs was originally justified as a quality improvement for hot dipped galvanized finish. This approach allows the spring to be assembled and calibrated with no welding after galvanizing. Prior to this PT&P innovation, the heat from welding could damage both the finish of the welded component and the neoprene coating of the spring coil inside the can. The thousands of springs we have supplied with hot dipped galvanized finish and neoprene-coated coils have proven the validity of this approach as the most cost-effective way to prevent corrosion.

Hot dip galvanizing is a unique process which develops a metallurgical bond of zinc-iron alloy between the zinc coating and the steel product it protects. It provides a continuous layer barrier which physically isolates the steel from the environment. Painting, on the other hand, is a barrier coating which is subject to damage from contact (scratching). Hot dip galvanizing provides a much longer life than painting in corrosive environments partly because zinc forms protective oxide and carbonate films which reduce the rate of corrosion dramatically. Steel exposed to the same environment will corrode at a rate of about twenty-five times the rate of zinc. Zinc also resists accelerated local corrosion even when its outer film has been broken or scratched. The actual rate varies with the electrolyte at the surface.

We provide various types of finishes for corrosion. Contact us for the right finish for your application.


Plant Expansion Promises Bright Future

August 15th, 1995 No comments

This fall marks the beginning of our plant expansion to over 240,000 square feet— an increase of more than 42%

This expansion will help maximize Piping Technology’s plant safety and efficiency. We are adding a covered loading dock to facilitate pickups and deliveries from trucks, regardless of the weather. We will also be paving and covering our large shipping yard. Wall lights and skylights in the warehouse will improve its appearance and the new ventilation systems and fireproof exit corridors we will be installing will boost our emergency safety capabilities. Finally, the entire plant will be made wheelchair-accessible and in accordance with all ADA specifications and regulations. A diagram of the plant can be seen below, with the proposed expansion highlighted in blue

Plant Expansion

Proposed Plant Expansion: The blue area indicates the shop space being added

Completion of PT&P’s expansion is targeted for early 1996. This means that next year, and in years to come, PT&P customers can look forward to heightened production, speedier delivery, and maximum efficiency from Piping Technology. Don’t forget to come out and see the beautiful new addition to our plant next year we can’t wait to show you around!

120” Diameter Carbon Steel Storage Vessel

October 5th, 1994 No comments
120” Diameter Carbon Steel Storage Vessel

120” Diameter Carbon Steel Storage Vessel

Pictured above is a deaerator built by Sweco Fab, Inc. and is destined to go into service for one of the larger chemical companies at their Plaquemine, Louisiana Fields.

The upper vessel shown is a 120” diameter 304L stainless unit connected to a 144” carbon steel storage tank of approximately 38,000 lb.

Do you require a tank or vessel for an upcoming project? Let us price it for you today!


Complete Duct System for Food Processing Plant

August 5th, 1994 No comments
Complete Duct System for Food Processing Plant

Complete Duct System for Food Processing Plant

Sweco Fab, Inc. designed and fabricated a complete duct system for a major engineering and construction firm in Houston.The project is a carbon dioxide facility for a food processing plant being constructed in Massachusetts.

Two unique features of the 96” ID fabrication are the very light materials with close tolerances and the painting system for food grade product.

Do you have a need for a duct system? Get pricing on a duct system today!


Pig Launcher & Receivers for MTBE Plant

June 5th, 1994 No comments
Pig Launcher & Receivers for MTBE Plant

Pig Launcher & Receivers for MTBE Plant

The picture above shows two views of launcher-receivers loaded on a truck. These devices are installed in pipelines to launch and receive pipeline pigs. Pigs can be used for cleaning or for separation of two products in the same pipeline. Modern pigs with sensing devices are used in old pipelines to look for damage or corrosion problems. These launcher-receivers part of several being built by the SWECO Fab, Inc. division of Piping Technology & Products, Inc. for a large MTBE plant in Saudi Arabia.

In need of some pig launchers and receivers for an upcoming project? Let us price one for you today!


Galvanized Embed Plates

June 4th, 1994 No comments
Galvanized Embed Plates

Galvanized Embed Plates

Pictured above denotes “Galvanized Embed Plates” with anchors to be set in concrete.

Want to learn more about “galvanized embed plates” or about our other products? Visit our webinar archives today!


Orifice Plates

May 5th, 1994 No comments
Orifice Plates

Orifice Plates

The picture above shows special components of today’s piping systems. At the top are two rings with machined surfaces required to help seal the system when operating at high pressures. Rings and spacers can be fabricated from a variety of metals including carbon steels, stainless steels, alloys such as Inconel®, Hastelloy or Titanium. The choice of materials depends on the temperatures and pressures the system is designed for. Holes can be drilled to produce bleed rings which relieve pressure slowly. The above picture shows orifice plates which are made from the same materials.

Need orifice plates? Get pricing for them today!


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