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Sway Struts for a 250 MW Power Plant

February 26th, 1993 No comments
Sway Struts for a 250 MW Power Plant

Sway Struts for a 250 MW Power Plant

The picture seen above is a mechanical snubber attached to a rod with a pipe clamp. Below the snubber is a rigid sway strut for 36” pipe and four smaller sway struts. The snubber will dampen sudden shocks and vibrations in the piping system. These show the variety of built by Piping Technology & Products, Inc. for a 250 megawatt power plant.

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Color-Coded Insulating Components

January 20th, 1993 No comments
Color-Coded Insulating Components

Color-Coded Insulating Components

The pictures above show pipe supports designed for a system with very cold operating temperatures. The insulating components are polyurethane, which are inside the galvanized steel exterior of the support. At the top left of the picture are the color-coded polyurethane components of a “cold shoe” for a 60” pipe, the top (green) is 14 lb/ft3 density and the bottom (orange) is 20 lb/ft3 density. The higher density material has greater compressive strength but it is a better conductor of heat. The other pictures show finished shoes which have white coating over the polyurethane. Hot shoes, designed for high operating temperatures, are similar but usually have different insulating materials.

Want to learn more about pre-insulated supports? View a recording of a past live pre-insulated webinar.

Bonding Strength Testing for Low Temperature Application Adhesive

January 6th, 1993 No comments
Bonding Strength Testing for Low Temperature Application Adhesive

Bonding Strength Testing for Low Temperature Application Adhesive

In the picture above, a test of the bonding strength of an adhesive designed for low temperature applications is being conducted. Polyurethane strips have been bonded to metal strips which are pulled apart in a load cell which measures the force applied.

Polyurethane is often specified for components of insulated pipe shoes and supports for cold temperature applications. Polyurethane provides both insulation and load carrying capacity for pipes when it is bonded to a metal pipe shoe or support. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. fabricates all types of insulated pipe supports. The type of insulation specified depends on the temperature profile the pipe will experience and the loads and movement at the point of application.

PT&P provides testing services and pipe support maintenance in the field. Let us help you today! request-a-quote

86” Diameter Clamps

May 1st, 1992 No comments
86” Diameter Clamps

86” Diameter Clamps

Specially formed and gusseted 86” diameter clamps are being strapped to their pallets for their journey to Western Canada.

PT&P designed and built these specialty clamps of 3” x 16” bar stock for a major producer of oil and gas in Alberta for an application in their process sector.

Would you like to learn more about pipe clamps? Check out a recording of a live pipe clamps webinar. access-our-webinar-archives

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