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Upcoming Webinar: ASME Vessels, Pig Launchers, Strainers and More from Sweco Fab, Inc.

December 18th, 2014 Comments off

This webinar is over, please view the recording at: http://info.pipingtech.com/sweco-fab-webinars/

** Webinar is worth 1 PDH Credit for TX Professional Engineers

Pig LauncherAttend a live Webinar introducing Sweco, Fab. Inc., the ASME design and fabrication division of PT&P. Learn how we design these components for high temperature, high pressure, and/or corrosive environments. Discover the different materials used based on a variety of applications. View some of the very unique and intricate Sweco custom designs, and corresponding technical drawings. Sweco designs and manufactures Pressure Vessels and Tanks, Pig Launchers and Receivers, Duct Work, Transition Pieces, Bellmouth Reducers, Spectacle and Line Blinds, Air Intake Stacks and Dampers, Conical Strainers, Instrument Stands and other custom fabricated products.

The featured presenter, Jerry Godina has over 13 years experience as a pipe support designer and manages PT&P’s engineer training development program. He also inspects existing supports, consults on site remediation projects and oversees installation on a regular basis.

282 Instrument Supports Designed for a Six-Drum Coker Unit

October 26th, 2013 Comments off

282 Instrument Supports Designed for a Six-Drum Coker Unit

PT&P designed and manufactured 282 instrument supports to support a six-drum Coker unit in a refinery in Indiana. Some of the assemblies are designed to be bolted by anchor bolts while others are designed to be welded. The supports are fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel and measure 11″ – 61″ in height and 5″ – 28″ in width.

New Instrument Support Catalog

March 5th, 2011 No comments

We have a new  recently revamped instrument supports catalog! Our online catalog has a variety of new features that allow you to easily browse through our assortment of instrument stands:

– New color photos of instrument supports

– Selection chart to easily pick the best instrument stand for your application

– New indexes with thumbnails to quickly view a variety of supports

– Improved navigation to easily browse the site

Head on over to our site to check it out! Instrument Supports Catalog

643 Instrument Stands for an Oil Refinery

May 12th, 2010 No comments
643 Instrument Stands

643 Instrument Stands

PT&P manufactured instrument stands from hot dipped galvanized carbon steel. The instrument stands are 52″ in height and have varying widths from 1 to 4′. They will be used to support instruments in a new Coker unit that is part of an oil refinery in Illinois.

Need some instrument stands to support the instruments in your plant? Get pricing now!

Instrument Stands for a Heavy Oil Refinery

March 16th, 2010 No comments
Instrument Stands for a Heavy Oil Refinery

Instrument Stands for a Heavy Oil Refinery

PT&P manufactured 55 instrument stands from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanize finish. They are 75″ tall and 90″ wide, and will support various instruments and junction boxes in a heavy oil refinery.

Want to learn more about instruments stands? Watch a instant webinar on our miscellaneous fabricated products!

Jack Stand

June 8th, 2000 No comments
Jack Stand

Jack Stand

The photograph above shows unique jack stands designed to support stainless steel pipe. The top, which connects to the pipe at elbows, is fabricated from stainless steel. The bottom, which can be used to adjust the height, is fabricated from carbon steel and the galvanized. The two dissimilar materials are separated by a polyurethane[pdf] isolation block which is painted for protection.

Want to learn more about the other types of products we have? Visit our webinar archives today!


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