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How does an orifice plate work?
Viewed 7212 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
The small hole on orifice plates restricts flow which causes the pressure to drop. The pressure can be measured using pressure gauges before and after the orifice plates which allows you to determine the flow rate using the Bernoulli’s... Read More
How do you define a hydro-test pressure based on design pressure?
Viewed 5470 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
Hydro-test pressure and holding times vary for different design codes. For example, the ASME SEC VIII Div.1 general hydro-test pressure will be 1.3 x design pressure (minor factors may vary for this equation as well) and for piping design codes, the... Read More
What is a spectacle blind?
Viewed 4945 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
A spectacle blind consists of a blind and spacer. The blind is installed in between flanges to securely shutdown pipeline during leakage or maintenance. When a blind is not required, a spacer can be installed in between flanges to continue... Read More
Why is there a major and minor barrel in a pig launcher and receiver?
Viewed 3778 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
A major barrel is bigger than the normal piping in the system to make it easier to insert the pig and launch and receive it. The minor barrel has the same inside diameter as the main pipeline and is used to clean the pipes.   ... Read More
Can duct work include expansion joints?
Viewed 3365 times since Wed, Aug 7, 2013
Duct work assemblies can include fabricated elbows, tees, straight sections of duct work, fabric or metallic expansion joints and can be rectangular or round. 60" Diameter Carbon Steel Duct Work Read More
How do you analyze duct work?
Viewed 3297 times since Wed, Aug 7, 2013
We use CAESAR II software to conduct pipe stress analysis on duct systems. 96" Diameter Stainless Steel Duct Work Read More
What is a davit?
Viewed 3048 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
A davit (particularly for manways) is a mechanically designed hinged guide and support system that helps ease the opening and closing of large and heavy blind flanges. This assembly can be designed for horizontal and vertical applications. ... Read More
Do you design the davit or is it designed from another vendor?
Viewed 2579 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
We design the davits and have developed a standard design for ones that are generally 12”-24” in size. We design each davit per requirement for sizes above 24”. Standard Design Part C  Elevation with blind flange. Davit... Read More
What is an orifice plate?
Viewed 2324 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
An orifice plate is a device used for measuring flow rate. It is a thin plate with a hole in the middle that is usually placed in a pipe where fluid flows. Orifice Plates Read More
Do you only use ASME Codes to evaluate pressure vessels or do you also use other standards such as CODNAP and AD Merkblatter for reduction in thickness of vessels?
Viewed 2304 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
Normally, we only use ASME Codes to evaluate reduction of thickness in pressure vessels. 48" Pressure Vessel (Process Feed Tank) (96" T-T, 15 PSIG AT 85°F) Read More
For an export gas pipeline, would you combine the pig launcher and receiver or separate them?
Viewed 2042 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
This decision would be made by a pigging services company during the design process. Technical data and financial impacts would have to be analyzed prior to choosing whether or not a pig launcher and receiver should be combined. We fabricate the... Read More
What is a flow rate?
Viewed 2024 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
The flow rate is the amount of liquid passing through a particular area over a period of time. It is generally measured in gallons per a minute or cubic feet per meter. Orifice Plates Read More
What is a R-Stamp certification?
Viewed 1999 times since Mon, Aug 12, 2013
The R-Stamp, certified by ASME, authorizes a company to do alterations and repairs to pressure vessels in a facility or at a field site. A pressure vessel undergoing repairs. Read More
What is a damper?
Viewed 1862 times since Wed, Aug 7, 2013
Dampers (type- louvers) are essentially an assembly of plates designed to control the ventilation in duct work systems by keeping debris from traveling in them. We have fabricated Louver type dampers (butterfly, guillotine, radial vane, and... Read More
What is duct work?
Viewed 1741 times since Wed, Aug 7, 2013
Ducts are a series of sectioned tubes, which transfer either heated or cooled air from the furnace or air conditioner, throughout the building. 90" Diameter Duct Work Read More
Are dampers motor-driven?
Viewed 1619 times since Wed, Aug 7, 2013
Dampers can be manually operated or motor-driven. Damper Read More
What type of media can pass through a transition piece?
Viewed 1612 times since Wed, Aug 7, 2013
Media that can pass through a transition piece include air, liquid, gasses, dust, dirt, and chemicals.   159" Long x 60" Wide Transition Piece  Read More

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