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    Expansion Joint    
    Course Description
    Piping Design
    Course Description

    Expansion Joint Application and Design Course covers how to provide flexibility in the piping system by employing expansion joints to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction of sections of pipes or ducts. It discusses the parameters and conditions specified by the piping system designer and how to design an expansion joint as a cost-effective component of the piping system.

    Piping Design and Analysis Influence on Pipe Support Selection and Design is an overview on piping design and analysis, including factors that effect overall configuration, piping layout, the total system, as well as an introductory into pipe stress analysis (flexibility concerns and other design considerations); and how all those factors ultimately influence pipe support and pipe hanger design.




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    Instructions for registering (applies to both Expansion Joint and Piping Design courses):
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    2. Input your information, including your password twice for confirmation
    3. Once submitted, you will receive an email notification to login
    4. After logging in, visit the "Course Catalog" section (tab located at top of page)
    5. Enroll in your first lecture for either the Expansion Joint Course or the Piping Design Course
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    Both courses are approved for 8 P.E. / PDH credit hours each
Piping System with Expansion Joint Application
Expansion Joint Application
and Design Course
    Piping System
Piping Design and Analysis Influence on
Pipe Support Selection and Design
View the Expansion Joint Course syllabus for more detailed information on each section
Should I take this course?
Our Expansion Joint course was developed for the following diciplines...
-     Piping system designers that may decide to use expansion joints
-     Expansion joint designers that use information provided by piping system designers to determine the best design to meet the requirements.
-     Designers that use modern software systems to to evaluate different options
-     Engineers / Managers: field, maintenance, process, operations, construction, surveyors
Reference materials (for more in-depth information):
-     U.S. Bellows Metal Expansion Joint Catalog
-     U.S. Bellows Fabric Expansion Joint Catalog
-     Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA)

View the Piping Design Course syllabus for more detailed information on each section
Should I take this course?
Our Piping Design course is great for...
-     Field engineers
-     Maintenance engineers
-     Piping Designers
-     Process engineers
-     Operations managers
-     Operators
-     New engineers
-     Pipe system designers
-     Changing a current piping system
-     Surveying a system
-     Needing to spec out pipe supports
90 days are allowed to complete the course / 8-9 hours to complete all at onc
Reference materials (for more in-depth information):
-     Piping Design Handbook (view PDF)


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