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We welcome you to view the following recordings of our past webinars.

NOTE: PDH credits are NOT offered for our recorded webinars. However, we do hold live webinars weekly. Please click the link to the right to sign-up for the upcoming live webinar.

  Variable Spring Supports Design, Size Selection, Installation & Maintenance Webinar   Compact Spring Supports Webinar
  Variable Spring Supports Recorded Webinar This Webinar will focus on the different types of variable spring supports and big ton variable spring supports. Learn about the special features available, in addition to the design of a variable support. View how the different coil configurations produce a unique response to an applied load and see how a spring assembly is loaded. Discover the basic steps in selecting a hanger design and the step by step process used to size a spring for your application.   compact spring supportsThe Compact Spring Support Webinar, presented by DST covers key objectives, background and leading industry problems related to process equipment nozzels (both rotating and non-rotating equipment). A review of the challenges involved in design and analysis of piping with respect to process equipment nozzles. Includes types of chronic problems and failures related to process equipment nozzles and an introduction of the Compact Spring Support as a solution. View why chronic problems with process equipment exist, current design practices as they relate to industry code standards and how the Compact Spring Support addresses these problems directly and effectively. And finally, we will take a quick look at DST technical data and sizing program.
  Constant Spring Supports Design & Application Webinar   Shock Control, Restraint & Support Devices Webinar (Snubbers/Sway Brances/Sway Struts)
  Constants Webinar RecordingThis webinar will focus on the special constant features available and design of a constant support. View how the different cam/coil configurations produce a unique response to an applied load. Discover the step by step process used to size a spring for your application. Learn about the different attachments, testing, and installation and maintenance procedures. View examples of failed supports provided by our Field Service Division and learn why they failed and how to prevent it.   Snubbers Webinar RecordingExplore the various applications of snubbers, sway braces and sway struts in piping systems and equipment. Learn how these products help prevent pipe system failure due to seismic loads, flow transients, wind loads, safety valve thrust loads or pipe rupture. Discover the various tests performed within PT&P’s facility to ensure product quality, including cycle testing, travel testing and load testing.
  Engineered Spring Supports (Practical, Hands-on Approach) Webinar   Pipe Support Field Inspection, Installation and Maintenance Webinar
  engineered spring supportsLearn how the theoretical applications of spring supports are put into use in the real world. We will start with a review of the working principles of both variable and constant springs. See how brand new spring looks at delivery, and review installation guidelines. Learn the key points to review through the total installation process and subsequently when the springs are in operation. See how to determine if springs need adjustments, re-calibration, refurbishment or replacement. View in field examples, shutdown and isolation procedures. See the selection process required when there are significant changes to the operating condition.   Field Services WebinarThis Webinar will focus on installation and maintenance guidelines and offer valuable tips on inspecting a wide variety of pipe supports and expansion joints in your piping system.  We will cover various pipe support applications and point out signs that indicate if a particular support needs replaced or adjusted. Obtain the knowledge you need to avoid the possibility of a potentially catastrophic situation. View examples of real world problems and see how we were able to solve them with timely and cost effective solutions.
  Pipe Support Field Service: Problem Resolution Webinar   Pipe Clamps Design, Application & Installation Webinar
  Problem ResolutionIn this Webinar we explore the details of actual case studies focusing on various signs that indicate if a particular support needs replaced or adjusted. The presentation also covers projects that brought on new standard designs and custom designs for specific applications. And lastly, it includes valuable additions and procedures that extend the typical life span of a pipe support. PT&P's field service division is available 24x7 in the case of an emergency situation or for a scheduled shut down.   Pipe Clamps WebinarThis Webinar presentation includes pipe clamps, hold-down clamps, riser clamps and structural supports. Learn how the appropriate type of pipe support is chosen based on the different design conditions. Find out how Finite Element Analysis is used in the design process and view the custom pipe supports designed for extreme applications.

  Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Webinar   ASME Vessels, Pig Launchers, Strainers and more from Sweco Fab, Inc.
  Pre-Insulated Pipe Support WebinarThis Webinar will focus on Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports, including pipe insulation products for both cryogenic and heat applications. Explore how Polyurethane foam is produced, from mixing polyols and isocyanates to inspecting the final product. Learn about anchor shoe testing, lateral load testing, compressive strength testing, and axial load testing.    Sweco Fab Webinar on ASME Pressure Vessels and Pig LaunchersLearn how we design these components for high temperature, high pressure, and/or corrosive environments. Discover the different materials used based on a variety of applications. View some of the very unique and intricate Sweco custom designs, and corresponding technical drawings. Sweco designs and manufactures Pressure Vessels and Tanks, Pig Launchers and Receivers, Duct Work, Transition Pieces, Bellmouth Reducers, Spectacle and Line Blinds, Air Intake Stacks and Dampers, Conical Strainers, Instrument Stands and other custom fabricated products.
  Pipe Supports and Expansion Joints for Furnace Applications Webinar   Engineering & Design of Pipe Supports
  Furnace Springs WebinarThis webinar will focus on the unique design aspects of pipe supports and expansion joints operating in furnace applications. See how these non-standard designs impact the overall construction and fabrication processes. Learn the differences between standard supports and those specifically used in furnace applications. View the in-depth testing processes and learn what to watch for during inspection and maintenance intervals.   Engineering & Design Webinar RecordingThis presentation will cover pipe support design, 3D modeling, Finite Element Analysis, special stress and thermal cases, along with the unique cases that brought on new pipe support designs. Increase your understanding of the value-added services that are offered by PT&P.
  Pipe Shields for Beginners: Insulated Pipe Supports for Commercial Applications Webinar   Pipe Supports for Beginners: Variables & Constants Webinar
  Pipe Shields for BeginnersThis webinar will give you an introduction to Pipe Shields, Inc. and its unique line of pre-insulated pipe supports, slides, guides and anchors that it developed and patented over it's 40 year history. It will cover various designs, commercial applications (chilled and heated water lines, HVAC systems and low pressure steam lines), installation and maintenance procedures and the benefits of using pre-insulated pipe supports (vs. doing insulation in the field).   pipe-supportsThis presentation introduces you to pipe supports and concentrate on constant and variable spring supports. We will explain the various designs, applications, and details of constants and variables using simple terms and a lot of visual aids. The presentation will conclude with general guidelines of the maintenance and ordering process of constants and variables.
  Slide Plates & Rollers in the Fight Against Friction Webinar   Product of the Week Showcase Webinar
  Recording of Slideplates Webinar Discover the secret to a lower coefficient of friction while premitting translational motion or movement with the supporting element. Learn about the different types of slide plates and pipe rollers used for various applications. View the design, load capabilities, and installation and maintenance guidelines for both slide plates and pipe rollers.   Product Showcase Webinar RecordingThis highlights our custom designed products that were specially manufactured per unique customer specifications. Learn about optional features that can be implemented into your designs for optimum functionality of the supports in your particular applications. Additionally, gain an overall understanding of pipe supports through a showcase of colorful photos and technical diagrams.
  Components for Pipe Support, Deflection and Restraint Webinar    
  Pipe Support Deflection and Restraint Webinar RecordingLearn about different types of engineered spring supports and when to use variables, constants or big tons depending on the design conditions. See how shock control, restraint and support devices are used to guide or restrain movement during normal operating conditions or under impulse loading events. Learn about pre-insulated pipe supports, including various insulating materials used for both cold and hot applications. Discover the slide plate "sandwich" concept and explore different slide plate materials used to reduce the coefficient of friction. View examples of expansion joints, pressure vessels, pig launchers and receivers.    
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