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Laminated Beechwood Technical Information Permali® or Insulam® is an insulating material used in applications which require high tensile and compressive strength (see table below). In addition, due to its exceptional resistance to moisture, it serves as a suitable insulator where the support (flare lines & dummy legs) is exposed to harsh environment elements. Permali® or Insulam® is a phenolic laminated (densified, impregnated wood) product made from carefully selected thin beechwood veneers. These wood layers are impregnated under vacuum conditions with a special synthetic resin and then densified through the application of heat and pressure. The result is a homogenous material that combines the great strength and toughness of wood fibers with the excellent stability and dielectric properties of the most advanced thermosetting. The phenolic laminated block material is furnished with cross-directional fibers as shown in Figure 10 below.

NOTE: Cross laminated.
For components in compression or for parts stressed in more than one direction.
Sizes to suit most applications.


Density Permali
Compressive Strength 30,000.00
Flectual Strength
(flatwise with grain) (psi)
Tensile Strength
(with grain)(psi)
Modulus of Elasticity (psi)
2.0 x 10^6
Closed Cell Content (%) N/A
Temperature(F)-Continuous Operation 221.00
K-Factor N/A
Thermal Conductivity
(btu/hr m^2 of)

(flatwise) (1/8" thick) (psi)

Water Absorption (%) 0.75

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