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Marinite can be used as the insulating material in hot piping supports. The most widely known grade for Marinite is grade P. Marinite-P is most often used as structural insulation because of its high dimensional stability. Marinite-P is incombustible, provides high insulation values, and high compressive strengths and is thus appropriate in high-load and high-temperature applications. The material minimizes decay, rust, and corrosion and it resists damage during installation and provides durable service. The material acts as a suitable insulator in fireproofing and heat processing equipment applications up to 1200°F (649°C).

Major Advantages:
High Compressive Strength.

Deflects less than 1/10 in. per inch of thickness under 4000 psi

Deflects less than 3/64 in. per inch of thickness under 2000 psi

High Tensile strength.
High resistance to shear and traverse forces.
Major Applications:
Hot Line Pipe Supports in Power Generation and Process Industries
Structural Insulation in Pipe
Supports Backup Insulation in Rotary Kilns of Lime and Cement Plants.
Ceramics and Foundry applications.

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