Reference: Piping Technology Figure Equivalent to Binder Group Figure Number


PT&P Figure No.

Binder Group

Adjustable Band Hanger

Fig. 2

Cylinder Pipe Guide, Spider Guide

Fig. 6

Welded Beam Attachment

Fig. 20

Binder BG219
Binder BG220

Fig. 30

Binder BG210
Rid Coupling
Fig. 35 ---
Weldless Eye Nut

Fig. 40

Binder BG204
Weldless Eye Nut Left-hand Thread
Fig. 40L ---
Yoke U-Bolt, Standard

Fig. 42

Yoke U-Bolt, Heavy Duty

Fig. 43

Adjustable Pipe Saddle Support

Fig. 46

Pipe Saddle Support with U-Bolt

Fig. 48

Light Two-Bolt Pipe Clamp

Fig. 50

Binder BG100
Binder BG170
Heavy Two-Bolt Pipe Clamp

Fig. 60

Binder BG50
Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---CS

Fig. 70

Binder BG101
Binder BG171
Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---Alloy

Fig. 70A

Binder BG172
Welding Lug

Fig. 72

Binder BG216
Binder BG225
Concrete Clevis Plate

Fig. 73

Concrete Single Lug Plate

Fig. 74

Channel Assembly

Fig. 75

Binder BG245
Heavy Duty Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---CS

Fig. 80

Binder BG75
Adjustable Clevis Hanger

Fig. 83

Binder BG108
Clevis Hanger for Insulated Lines

Fig. 89

Riser Clamp

Fig. 90

Binder BG174
Clevis Pin with Cotters
Fig. 91 ---
Steel Washer Plate

Fig. 92

Binder BG217
Forged Steel Clevis

Fig. 95

Binder BG209
T-Bar without Cradle, with Slide Plate
Fig. 98 ---
Long Tangent U-Bolt

Fig. 100

Binder BG180
Binder BG181
Binder BG150
Binder BG155
Welded Eye Rod

Fig. 110

Eye Rod, Not Welded

Fig. 120

All Threaded Rod

Fig. 122

Binder BG202
Welded Linked Eye Rod

Fig. 126

Linked Eye Rod

Fig. 127

Hanger Rod, Thread Both Ends R.H.

Fig. 128

Binder BG203
Hanger Rod, Thread One End R.H., One End L.H.

Fig. 129

Malleable Beam Clamp

Fig. 135

Binder BG222
Heavy Duty Beam Clamp

Fig. 140

Insulation Protection Shield

Fig. 183

Pipe Covering Saddle for 1" Insulation

Fig. 184

Pipe Covering Saddle for 1-p " Insulation

Fig. 185

Pipe Covering Saddle for 2" Insulation

Fig. 186

Pipe Covering Saddle for 2-p " Insulation

Fig. 187

Pipe Covering Saddle for 3" Insulation

Fig. 188

Pipe Covering Saddle for 4" Insulation

Fig. 189

Fabricated Clamp Riser

Fig. 190

Binder BG175
Binder BG176
Roller Hanger

Fig. 195

Trapeze Roller Hanger

Fig. 200

Roller Chair

Fig. 210


Fig. 215

Roller Stand

Fig. 230

Adjustable Roller Stand

Fig. 240

Adjustable Elbow Support

Fig. 260

Horizontal Travelers

Fig. 270

Light Duty Springs

Fig. 400

Vibration Control and Sway Brace

Fig. 550

Binder BG340
Vibration Control and Sway Brace

Fig. 555

Hydraulic Shock and Sway Suppressor (Snubber)

Fig. 2100

Binder BG310
Sway Strut

Fig. 2110

Binder BG350
Sway Strut---Field Welded

Fig. 2120

Short Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-1

Binder BV35
Standard Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-2

Binder BV70
Double Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-4

Binder BV140
Triple Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-6

Binder BV210
Quadruple Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-8

Vertical Constant Spring Support

Fig. PTP-100

Binder BC51
Binder BC52
Binder BC55
Horizontal Constant Spring Support

Fig. PTP-200

Binder BC50
Binder BC53
Binder BC54
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