Reference: Fluorogold® and SEP Bearings to Piping Technology

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PT&P Slide Plates

Slide Bearing Plates
  Fluorogold® FC-0010-SS
  Fluorogold® FC-0016-SST 1/2 CS 1/4 L
  Fluorogold® FC-1010-CS
  Fluorogold® FC-1010-CS 1/4 L
  Fluorogold® FC-1010-CS 1/4 NRT
  Fluorogold® FC-1010-CS 1/3 CS
  Fluorogold®; FC-1010-CS 1/2 RE
  Fluorogold® FC-1010-CS 1/2 RET
  Fluorogold® FC-1025-CS
  Fluorogold® FC-1025-CS 1/4 L
  Fluorogold® FC-1025-SS
  Fluorogold® FC-1037-CS
  Fluorogold® FC-1037-CS 1/4 L
  Fluorogold® FC-1050-CS
  Fluorogold® FC-1050-CS 1/4 L
  Fluorogold® FC-1050-RE
  Fluorogold® FC-1050-RET
  Fluorogold® FC-1075-CS
  Fluorogold® FC-1075-CS 1/4 L
  Fluorogold® FC-10100-CS
  Fluorogold® FC-10100-CS 1/4 L
  Fluorogold® FHL-0610-CSĀ 
  Fluorogold® FHL-0610-CS 1/4 L
  Fluorogold® VFC 1010-CS

PTFE, 25% Glass Filled Slide Plates

    ** Custom designed slide plates available to match competitor models. ** Fluorogold® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain.

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