Reference: Piping Technology Figure Equivalent to Unison Co., Ltd. Figure Number


PT&P Figure No.

Unison Co., Ltd.

Adjustable Band Hanger

Fig. 2

Model: RGAN

Cylinder Pipe Guide, Spider Guide

Fig. 6


Welded Beam Attachment

Fig. 20

Model: WBA


Fig. 30

Model: TBS / TBF

Rid Coupling
Fig. 35 Model: SRC
Weldless Eye Nut

Fig. 40

Model: ENR

Weldless Eye Nut Left-hand Thread
Fig. 40L Model: ENL
Yoke U-Bolt, Standard

Fig. 42

Model: PCY-A

Yoke U-Bolt, Heavy Duty

Fig. 43

Model: PCY-HA

Adjustable Pipe Saddle Support

Fig. 46

Model: SADA

Pipe Saddle Support with U-Bolt

Fig. 48

Model: SADU

Light Two-Bolt Pipe Clamp

Fig. 50

Model: PCSB-L
Heavy Two-Bolt Pipe Clamp

Fig. 60

Model: PCSB-M

Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---CS

Fig. 70

Model: PCDB-L

Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---Alloy

Fig. 70A

Model: PCDB-LA
Welding Lug

Fig. 72

Concrete Clevis Plate

Fig. 73

Model: BAP
Concrete Single Lug Plate

Fig. 74

Model: SWL / WLP
Channel Assembly

Fig. 75

Heavy Duty Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---CS

Fig. 80

Model: PCDB-M / PCDB-H
Adjustable Clevis Hanger

Fig. 83

Clevis Hanger for Insulated Lines

Fig. 89

Model: CHA-C / CHA-A / CHA-S
Riser Clamp

Fig. 90

Model: PCRS / PCRH
Clevis Pin with Cotters
Fig. 91 Model: PIN
Steel Washer Plate

Fig. 92

Model: SWP
Forged Steel Clevis

Fig. 95

Model: FSC / RDCS
T-Bar without Cradle, with Slide Plate
Fig. 98  
Long Tangent U-Bolt

Fig. 100

Model: UB-SD
Welded Eye Rod

Fig. 110

Model: ERDR
Eye Rod, Not Welded

Fig. 120

All Threaded Rod

Fig. 122

Model: RDFT
Welded Linked Eye Rod

Fig. 126

Linked Eye Rod

Fig. 127

Hanger Rod, Thread Both Ends R.H.

Fig. 128

Model: RDBR
Hanger Rod, Thread One End R.H., One End L.H.

Fig. 129

Model: RDRL
Beam Clamp

Fig. 130

Malleable Beam Clamp

Fig. 135

Model: BC
Heavy Duty Beam Clamp

Fig. 140

Model: SBC-S
Insulation Protection Shield

Fig. 183

Model: IPS
Pipe Covering Saddle for 1" Insulation

Fig. 184

Model: SAD-25
Pipe Covering Saddle for 1-p " Insulation

Fig. 185

Model: SAD-40
Pipe Covering Saddle for 2" Insulation

Fig. 186

Model: SAD-50
Pipe Covering Saddle for 2-p " Insulation

Fig. 187

Model: SAD-65
Pipe Covering Saddle for 3" Insulation

Fig. 188

Model: SAD-80
Pipe Covering Saddle for 4" Insulation

Fig. 189

Model: SAD-100
Fabricated Clamp Riser

Fig. 190

Roller Hanger

Fig. 195

Trapeze Roller Hanger

Fig. 200

Roller Chair

Fig. 210

Model: PRCH

Fig. 215

Model: PRA / PRS
Roller Stand

Fig. 230

Model: PRSD
Adjustable Roller Stand

Fig. 240

Model: PRSD-A
Adjustable Elbow Support

Fig. 260

Horizontal Travelers

Fig. 270

Model: HTR
Light Duty Springs

Fig. 400

Vibration Control and Sway Brace

Fig. 550

Model: SBS-A / SBS-C / SBS-D
Vibration Control and Sway Brace

Fig. 555

Model: SBS-B / SBS-E / SBS-F
Hydraulic Shock and Sway Suppressor (Snubber)

Fig. 2100

Model: SNA
Sway Strut

Fig. 2110

Model: SSA / SSB
Sway Strut---Field Welded

Fig. 2120

Model: SSC
Short Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-1

Model: VSS
Standard Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-2

Model: VSM
Double Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-4

Model: VSL
Triple Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-6

Quadruple Variable Spring

Fig. PTP-8

Vertical Constant Spring Support

Fig. PTP-100

Model: CSV
Horizontal Constant Spring Support

Fig. PTP-200

Model: CSH
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