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PT&P offers a complete line of adjustable instrument support components, also known as instrument stands, which, when combined, will create various configurations to your exact requirements or individual needs. We also provide welded instrument supports fabricated according to your specifications.

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Welded Instrument Support
Adjustable Instrument Support
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Adjustable Instrument Support
Instrument Stands Ready for Final Inspection

Primary support components are available in various mount styles, including floor mounts, wall mounts, u-bolt mounts and cable mounts. These primary mounts can be used independently or together with secondary components to construct various packages for individual needs.



Specify the part number from our instrument support catalog quantity, and mention any dimensions outside of our standard range, if any.



PTP-IS-600: Primary component has a 2" pipe extension 54" long, designed for grade mounting of instrument assemblies, comes with slotted hole in base.

Instrument Support

PTP-IS-610: Primary component has a 2" square extension 16" long, designed for mounting on vertical or horizontal lines.

PTP-IS-620: Primary component has a 2" pipe, at a right angle with a vertical leg, designed for mounting on vertical lines.


PTP-IS-630: Primary component has a 2" pipe, at a right angle with a vertical leg, designed for mounting on horizontal on horizontal lines.


2" square extension component, 16" long, with 2" U-bolt mount, for constructing various instrument support configurations.


The extension lengths shown on primary components are standard, other lengths can be furnished on request.

adjustable instrument supports

Welded Instrument Supports: 
Welded instrument supports may be fabricated in any according to customers individual requirements and design specifications.


Examples of various welded instrument support configurations:

welded instrument supports


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