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Piping Technology & Products, Inc. has developed a number of standard designs based on our experience fabricating anchors for the different requirements of our customers. The Pipe Shoe Wizard helps you to choose your required pipe shoe based on the standards included in this section of the catalog.

Slide plates may be included on the pipe shoes and must have a low-friction material to slide smoothly, usually PTFE, 25% glass filled or graphite. Graphite is used for higher temperatures and loads. For temperatures above 500° F, it is good practice to include bolting to insure the graphite remains fixed to its steel backing during movement. Please see the Slide Plate section of this catalog for more details.

We will fabricate shoes and anchors to your design or help you develop special designs to meet your special requirements.

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HOW TO ORDER: Specify pipe size, figure number, description, type, quantity, finish and slide plate material.

Figure 100 Figure 700 Figure 4600 Insulated Support




Supports Which Require Field Welding


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