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Carbon steel, except for load pin, which is stainless steel.240" Sway Strut



Manufacturer's Standardization Society SP-58, Manufacturer's Standardization Society SP-69, ANSI Code for Pressure Piping ANSI B31.1 and ANSI B31.3


Recommended Service

Used to restrain movement of piping in one direction while providing for movement due to thermal expansion or contraction in another direction.


How to Order

Specify figure number, assembly size, name, C-to-C dimension and option number (if other than standard configuration is required) or nominal pipe size or special O.D. The rear bracket assembly may be ordered separately.



  • Effective under either tensile or compressive force.
  • Provides 2 to 4 inches of field adjustment in either direction.
  • Spherical, self-aligning ball bushing at both ends of the strut allows for plus or minus 5 degrees of angular motion or misalignment. Bushings are coated with a dry lubricant.
  • Can be installed in any spatial orientation.
  • Positive control of piping systems are allowed by tight-fitting connections.
  • Finished with standard primer paint or hot dip galvanizing for corrosive conditions.

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Sway Strut Types

How to Size

  1. Select size consistent with maximum load to be restrained.
  2. Determine the distance from structural steel to center of pipe and subtract from it the pipe clamp take-out and the rear bracket (dimension A) for size selected. This will give the required C-to-C dimension. Make sure that the C-to-C dimension listed for the size selected is within the specified minimum and maximum.
  3. Determine the W dimension by subtracting the quantity (2 x dimension F) from the C-to-C dimension


Sway strut assemblies are shipped assembled. Securely fasten bracket to structure. Attach strut rod to end bracket, make necessary adjustment in overall length, and fasten clamp to pipe. This assembly is locked by tightening the hex nuts against the extension piece.


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