Pipe Support Hardware

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. maintains an extensive inventory of components required for pipe hanger and support assemblies. Most of these are industry standards which have been used by piping designers for many years. One of the value-added services we provide is assembly and tagging of units before shipping so field crews can install them with minimal effort. Since we work with these materials daily, it is easier for us to do assemblies and verify components and dimensions than it is for a field crew, for whom installing pipe supports is only one of many tasks to be performed in a given work day.
weldless eye nuts and forged steel clevises

U-Bolt Cradle Supports

FIG. 40 Weldless Eye Nuts and FIG. 95 Forged Steel Clevises

U-Bolt Cradle Supports with Neoprene Lining

Pipe Clamps Clevis Hangers Beam Attachments Hardware Saddle Supports Hold-Down Clamps
FIG. 60 FIG. 83 FIG. 135 Fig. 126 FIG. 210 HD-2


Many pipe hanger assemblies are attached to the pipe with clamps. Our inventories include all types of clamps made from carbon steel with galvanized and black finishes. We can fabricate clamps from alloy steels for high-temperature applications in which standard clamps are not adequate. When ordering your clamps, please add an "A" to the figure number of any items that you wish to be fabricated from our special alloy material. We have included a chart to help in the specification of special clamps for high-temperatures and heavy loads.

To compensate for pipe movement, a designer may choose from a variety of clevis hangers, roller hangers, and adjustable bands to support the pipe. These are linked to the supporting structure with rods and other hardware components. Beam attachments and other accessories are attached to the supporting structure to complete the pipe hanger assembly. All of these components must be strong enough to support the loads in the environment where they are installed. Galvanized components are often used to resist corrosion.

Saddle coverings are used with insulated pipes in order to provide protection to the insulation at points of support. Roller stands, elbow supports, and other items can be supplied in adjustable models which allow field crews to make easy installations. Hold-downs are special clamping supports used on pipes which are subject to large vibrations and stresses, such as those near compressors. The hold-downs dampen these forces by transferring them to the supporting structure, and thus protect the piping system.




Pipe Rollers, Hold Downs, & Clamps Photo Gallery

Pipe Clamps Pipe Rollers Pipe Hold Down Pipe Saddle Support


Pipe Support Hardware
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