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Piping Technology and Products Inc. produces a wide range of products for the piping industry. These range from fairly simple products such as pipe clamps, to the more complicated snubbers, constants, and expansion joints. We strive to produce high quality products that are designed to meet the needs of our customers. For them to do so, it is important for the customer to select the proper product, install it correctly, and faithfully perform any needed maintenance. In this manual, we provide guidance on the second and third of these. Detailed product descriptions, dimensions, and help in selecting the right product can be found in our pipe supports catalog, and on our web site http://www.pipingtech.com/products.

We cover the installation and maintenance of our standard products. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries, U.S. Bellows, Inc. and Sweco Fab, Inc., manufacture many custom products, some of which may have special requirements. Most of our products have few specific maintenance requirements. Those that do will be covered under the specific product heading. One maintenance task which applies to nearly all our products is a periodic inspection.

There are three areas of problems that the inspection should be directed at detecting:

  • in service damage
  • corrosion
  • adequacy in view of changed conditions

During construction and years of operation, many of the initial design specifications may change, such as operating temperatures, pressures, and flow rates. All components of the piping system should be periodically reviewed to see that they are adequate for their current service.Most of our products has anti-corrosion protection – galvanizing and painting being the most common. However, especially in corrosive environments, over a period of several years there may be sufficient corrosion to compromise a part's ability to perform its intended function. Corrosion occurs fairly slowly, and frequently starts in crevices where it is not easily seen, and thus may go unnoticed for some time unless a definite effort is made to search for it.  For for details about corrosion protection, please refer to our technical bulletins.

One should check for signs of damage that may have occurred since installation. If any is found, the seriousness of the damage must be assessed, and a decision as to whether repairs or replacement is warranted.

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