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May — 2011 — The Pipe Supports Blog
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Insulated Pipe Supports Designed for Cryogenic Temperatures Down to -320°F in an LNG facility

May 31st, 2011 No comments

insulated pipe supports designed for cryogenic temperatures down to 320°F in an LNG facility

insulated pipe supports designed for cryogenic temperatures down to 320°F in an LNG facility

A total of 295 cryogenic pipe supports ranging from 4″ to 38″ NPS were designed for a LNG regasification facility in India. The shoe and bearing plates were fabricated from carbon steel, the jacket was fabricated from aluminized steel and includes a vapor barrier. 20 PCF high density polyurethane foam was used for the insulation.

Do you see a need for cryogenic supports in your piping system? Get pricing today!

Pig Launcher and Receiver with a Flag Indicator

May 16th, 2011 No comments

Pig Launcher and Receiver with a Flag Indicator

PT&P’s Sweco Fab division designed and manufactured a pig launcher and receiver with a flag type  indicator and a flanged HI-T Pig Alert pig signaler. They are fabricated from carbon steel with a three coat paint system. The pig launcher has an 8” diameter minor barrel, a 10” diameter major barrel, and is 110” in overall length. The pig receiver has a 10” major barrel, a GD II Closure and is 170” in overall length. They are designed for 430 psig at 100°F and were hydro-tested at 645 psig , held for four hours. Both pig launcher and receiver went through a 100% radiography test prior to shipment.

Want to learn more about pig launchers? Instantly view a recording of a past Sweco webinar.


3D Printing Now Available

May 7th, 2011 No comments

Check out the newest service we are now offering at Piping Technology, 3D Printing! Have you ever designed a custom pipe support or expansion joint, but just wanted to really evaluate the design by having a prototype in your hands? Well, now you can with our 3D printing service. Send us a 3D Model, and we’ll send you a print of that model. See the variable spring can below that we recently had printed.

Do you have a product in mind that you would like us to model? Contact us today!

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Adjustable Pipe Saddle Supports Designed for a Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation Project in Florida

May 2nd, 2011 No comments

Adjustable Pipe Saddle SupportsAdjustable Pipe Saddle Supports



PT&P designed adjustable pipe saddle supports fabricated from A240 Gr 304 stainless steel, for a Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation Project in Florida. The pipe saddles are stanchion type supports designed for 10″ and 16″ pipe sizes, and can be vertically adjusted +/- 3″ by turning the middle section of the seamless pipe.

Looking for adjustable pipe saddles for your application? We’d be happy to serve your needs!


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