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Big Tons with W-Beams as Stilts

September 17th, 2012 Comments off

Stilts using W-Beams were added to these big ton variable assemblies in order to meet height requirements for an oil refinery in Port Arthur, TX. Entirely fabricated with carbon steel, these big tons measure 50 1/2″ – 70″ L x 18″ – 22″ W by 37″ H and are capable of supporting loads up to 113,734 lb with an upward travel range of .076″ – .816″. Permanent travel stops were later installed in order to prevent any chances of downward shift.

36 Custom Designed Pipe Saddles for a Power Plant

September 4th, 2012 Comments off

Thirty-six custom designed pipe saddles were created for a power plant in Mississippi. These 20″ W x 72″ L x 30″ H saddles were made with carbon steel with PTFE slide plates. These pipe saddles were designed to support a load of 55,000 lb. and will be applied to fluid bed duct supports.

274 Custom Hot Pipe Shoes Rush Delivered in Three Weeks

August 27th, 2012 Comments off

3 Week Turnaround on 274 Custom Designed Hot Shoes

We provided a quantity of 274 custom designed hot shoes on an expedited basis to a factory in Arizona. While the normal delivery time on a typical order might be 6-8 weeks, Piping Technology provided these pipe shoes on a 3 week delivery time. The high temperature pipe supports include clamping material fabricated from carbon steel with a red oxide finish, a polyethylene slide base with stainless steel slide plates, high density calcium silicate insulation and an overlapping galvanized sheet metal jacket. The pipe shoes are designed to accommodate 4″-8″ pipes and have an insulation thickness of 2″-3″ and the base measures 11″ to 14″ in width, and 6″ to 15″ in length. The hot shoes are designed for temperatures ranging from 40° F to 600° F. The insulation for these supports is a combination of high density calcium silicate with high strength inserts.

26′-9″ Custom Designed Sway Struts with Ball Joints

August 13th, 2012 Comments off

26'-9" Custom Designed Sway Struts with Ball Joints

These 26′-9″ long custom designed sway struts with ball joints were supplied for a power generating facility. There were 4 total assemblies that included 4″ diameter schedule 80 pipe with one ball joint and one extension piece on each end measuring 3″ in diameter and 6″ long. The sway struts, designed to support a load of 29,000 lb., will be used in the facility to allow movement between two structures along a parallel plane.

HD-2 and HD-3 Hold-down Pipe Clamps with PTFE Slide Plates

July 30th, 2012 Comments off

HD-2 and HD-3 Hold-down Pipe Clamps

Designed for 20″ to 30″ pipe sizes, these HD-2 and HD-3 hold-down pipe clamps were shipped to a gas pump station in South Dakota. The hold downs were fabricated from carbon steel with PTFE, 25% glass filled liners on the saddle portion and base of the pipe clamp. We fabricated a total of 22 hold down pipe clamps and shipped this rush job within one week.

113 F-Type Variable Spring Cans with PTFE Slide Plates

July 16th, 2012 Comments off

113 F-Type Variable Spring Cans with PTFE Slide PlatesThese F-Type variable spring cans were designed with PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates for a local oil refinery. Slide plates are used to reduce the friction between the load flange of the spring and the pipe support. This allows for easier adjustment of the spring’s installed height. These variables include external travel stops. The external travel stops are sometimes referred to as universal travel stops and can be utilized to adjust the installed load (also called the cold load) to other installed loads within the working range of the spring. 113 variable springs were supplied for this job. The variables have an installed load ranging from 95 lb. to 11,000 lb. and an operating load ranging from 90 lb. to 10,703 lb. They are part of a plant expansion and will be used to support horizontal piping in an oil refinery.


113 F-Type Variable Spring Cans with PTFE Slide Plates

Big Ton Variable Spring Supports with Rollers Designed to Support a Load up to 60,000 lb.

July 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Big Ton Variable Spring Supports with Rollers Designed to Support a Load up to 60,000 lb.

These are custom designed big ton variable spring assemblies manufactured for a chemical plant in Brazil. They are fabricated from A-36 carbon steel, with monel rods, nuts and hardware. They measure 18″ L x 26″ H x 26-1/2″ W and are capable of supporting loads up to 60,000 lb. with down travel of .52″. These big tons employ the use of rollers for adequate mobility and are painted to protect against corrosion.

84″ Water Treatment Vessel Designed for a Refinery in Texas

June 18th, 2012 Comments off

84" Water Treatment Vessel Designed for a Refinery in Texas

Sweco Fab., a division of PT&P, fabricated a water treatment vessel from 3/8″ thick SA516 Grade 70 carbon steel for a refining facility in Texas. This pressure vessel has an 84″ outside diameter, is 11′ tangent to tangent and has an overall height of 14′-8″. It is designed for maximum working pressure of 100 psig at 100°F. A radiography test and hydrotest at 130 psig, held for 1 hour was conducted prior to shipment.

New Installation & Maintenance Guide for Pipe Support Hardware

June 14th, 2012 Comments off

We have added a new Pipe Support Hardware Guide to our Installation and Maintenance section. This guide covers pipe support hardware such as Welded Structural Attachments, Threaded Assembly Components, Clamp Attachments, and more. You can find our corresponding figure numbers, diagrams, and a brief description in each section of the guide.

Special E-Type Constant Springs Designed to Support Boiler Trim Piping

June 4th, 2012 Comments off

Custom PTP-100 E-Type Constant Spring Supports

Special PTP-100 E-Type constant spring supports were custom designed to support boiler trim piping for steam generating in an upper thermal power unit. The constants measure 5-3/8″ W x 16-3/4″ L x 23-1/2″ H. They are highly customized to meet the customer’s space requirements and operating method to eliminate the hanger rod from shifting, allowing it to move only vertically while going from cold to hot position. Standard constant assemblies of this size, are about 50% larger and the hanger rod would shift horizontally as the travel reaches the hot position. These constants are designed for loads ranging from 72 lb. to 92 lb. and movements ranging from 10″ to 11-1/2″ downward. Standard load and travel tests were conducted prior to shipment

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