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3D Printing Now Available

May 7th, 2011 No comments

Check out the newest service we are now offering at Piping Technology, 3D Printing! Have you ever designed a custom pipe support or expansion joint, but just wanted to really evaluate the design by having a prototype in your hands? Well, now you can with our 3D printing service. Send us a 3D Model, and we’ll send you a print of that model. See the variable spring can below that we recently had printed.

Do you have a product in mind that you would like us to model? Contact us today!

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Adjustable Pipe Saddle Supports Designed for a Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation Project in Florida

May 2nd, 2011 No comments

Adjustable Pipe Saddle SupportsAdjustable Pipe Saddle Supports



PT&P designed adjustable pipe saddle supports fabricated from A240 Gr 304 stainless steel, for a Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation Project in Florida. The pipe saddles are stanchion type supports designed for 10″ and 16″ pipe sizes, and can be vertically adjusted +/- 3″ by turning the middle section of the seamless pipe.

Looking for adjustable pipe saddles for your application? We’d be happy to serve your needs!


Spring Loading Procedure

April 20th, 2011 No comments

We just posted a new video that discusses our spring loading procedure of standard variable springs. Watch our field service representative talk you through the process of loading a variable spring before it is shipped.

Spring Loading Procedure Video

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Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports with 12″ Thick Insulation Designed for a 49″ High Temperature Line

April 18th, 2011 No comments

Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports with 12" Thick Insulation Designed for a 49" High Temperature Line

PT&P fabricated pre-insulated pipe supports from galvanized carbon steel designed for a 49″ diameter pipe and temperatures in excess of 1600°F. The insulation is 12″ thick and composed of lime, silica and reinforcing fibers. This type of insulation features exceptional strength and extremely low water absorption. It is essentially dust-free, contains no asbestos and is a very good material for structural insulation inserts. This “hot shoe” will be used in a cat cracker unit at a refinery in Alabama.

Want to learn more about pre-insulated supports? View a recording of a past webinar now!

Constant Spring Supports Designed with Special Lugs for Connecting to a Trolley

April 4th, 2011 No comments

Constant Spring Supports Designed with Special Lugs for Connecting to a Trolley

These PT&P 200 series constants are fabricated from A36 carbon steel. The 200-A constants measure 18.5″w x 20″H x 65″L and will support a 22,200 lb. load. They are modified to avoid interference with the structure by shortening the frame. The 200-C constants measure 18.5″w x 29″H x 80″L and will support a 32,000 lb. load. The constants have specially fabricated lugs to allow for a 3 ton trolley to connect with it.

Do you have a need for constants in a current or upcoming project? Let us price them for you! access-our-webinar-archives

Custom Elevated Pipe Shoe-Clamp Supports Designed for a 12″ Diameter Transfer Line in a Polymer Plant

March 28th, 2011 No comments

Custom Elevated Pipe Shoe-Clamp Designed for a 12" Diameter Transfer Line in a Polymer Plant

PT&P designed and manufactured custom elevated pipe shoe-clamp supports for part of a palletizer transfer line in a polymer plant. The custom supports were designed to prevent cracking in the welds and grout base due to severe vibration in the line. The assemblies have an overall height of 48″ with an adjustable load column. The clamp-shoes are 13″ wide by 14″ long, and designed for a 12″ diameter aluminum pipe. The assemblies are carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanize finish and include a unique laminated vibration dampening lining for the clamp.

Custom Elevated Pipe Shoe-Clamp Designed for a 12" Diameter Transfer Line in a Polymer Plant











G-Type Variable Spring Support Assemblies for an Expansion Project at an Oil Refinery

March 14th, 2011 No comments

G-Type Variable Spring Support Assemblies for an Expansion Project at an Oil Refinery PTP-2 Type-G variable spring support assemblies were designed and fabricated for an expansion project at an oil refinery. The G-type spring is comprised of two standard variable spring housing-coil subassemblies joined together with an intermediate bridge assembly. The bridge assembly is customized to match existing site conditions, which allows for use in applications with limited space or interferences. This particular assembly was provided with extra large channels because the specified C-C dimension of 59″ exceeded the maximum (48″) of our standard G-type variable springs. The housings, internal components and channels were fabricated from carbon steel, and spring steel was used for the coils. The assembly was designed for a total operating load of 24,014 lb. with a design travel of 0.76″ upward.

Want to learn more about variable springs? Watch an instant recording of a past variables webinar. access-our-webinar-archives

New Spring Sizing Calculator

March 11th, 2011 No comments

Don’t know your cold / installed load? Use our new web-based spring sizing calculator to find all the springs that can fit your design parameters.

PDF’s Now Available in our Catalog

March 11th, 2011 No comments

A convenient new feature has just been added to our online pipe supports catalog. On each and every figure number, in the top right corner, you will now see a link to download the corresponding PDF file.

Now you can zoom in on the drawings to see all the details you might need, and have a print-friendly copy of a catalog page  in your hands within minutes! Head on over to our PT&P Online Catalog to explore this feature a bit more!


Hydraulic Snubber vs. Mechanical Snubber

March 11th, 2011 No comments

Have you ever wondered which type of  snubber to select for your piping system? Should you pick a hydraulic snubber or should you pick a mechanical snubber? Which one is right for your application? This seems to be a common concern for quite a few of our customers, so we have just recently published an article that discusses the pros and cons for both hydraulic and mechanical snubbers.  Check out the article, Suitability of Snubbers for Various Applications.

Hydraulic Snubber Assemblies for a LNG Processing Facility in Peru

Hydraulic Snubber Assemblies for a LNG Processing Facility in Peru

Do you require snubbers for a current or upcoming project? Get pricing today!


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