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Specially Fabricated Pipe Supports

February 10th, 2000 No comments
Specially Fabricated Pipe Supports

Specially Fabricated Pipe Supports

The photo above shows three different supports fabricated by Piping Technology & Products, Inc. for a petrochemical facility in Indonesia. The smallest support, (lower right) show the interior layer of polyurethane projecting out of the outside layer. This allows the pipe insulation to overlap when installed. These units provide insulation between the very cold fluid inside the pipe and the hot, humid conditions outside. They also support the weight of the pipe and allow for movement due to thermal expansion and contraction. Micarta was used for certain supports which require greater strength.

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Specially Fabricated Sway Struts and Mechanical Snubbers

February 9th, 2000 No comments
Specially Fabricated Sway Struts and Mechanical Snubbers

Specially Fabricated Sway Struts and Mechanical Snubbers

The photograph above shows sway struts and mechanical snubbers, which are combined and attached to large pipes and to stable structures. The snubber will dampen shocks and vibrations caused by sudden opening and closing of valves or even earthquakes. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. fabricated these for the steam piping in a power plant.

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Galvanized Anchor Bolts

February 2nd, 2000 No comments
Galvanized Anchor Bolts

Galvanized Anchor Bolts

The picture above is of Type-3 galvanized anchor bolts, a standard product in our line of stock anchor bolts. However, Piping Technology & Products can also fabricate customized anchor bolts to meet your materials, diameter and shape specifications for any industry, i.e. refineries, chemical plants, power plants, etc. We specialize in quick turn-around projects and are available on a 24×7 basis to meet your support requirements.

Learn more about galvanized anchor bolts by visiting our webinar archives!


NASA Space Station Service Module Mock-up

November 4th, 1999 No comments
NASA Space Station Service Module Mock-up

NASA Space Station Service Module Mock-up

Sweco Fab, Inc., the ASME CODE fabrication subsidiary of PT&P, built the forward section of an International Space Station service module for NASA in Fall, 1999. The main purpose for the full-scale mock-up service module will be to replicate the International Space Station for use in astronaut training at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL).

The Neutral Buoyancy Lab, located at the Sonny Carter Training Facility near NASA Houston Johnson Space Center (JSC), is a large pool of water used in astronaut training to simulate the gravity conditions in space. The forward section manufactured by Sweco Fab, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Piping Technology & Products, is made up of ASTM A-304L material and weighs approximately 2500 lbs. The unit was on display at NASA’s Inspection Day 1999 and will soon be employed in International Space Station astronaut training.

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Recent Photos From the Shop

November 4th, 1998 No comments
Stainless Steel Rectangular Expansion Joint

Stainless Steel Rectangular Expansion Joint for Machinery Exhaust Application

Gimbal Expansion Joint

Gimbal Expansion Joint

Hydraulic Snubbers

48" Stroke Hydraulic Snubbers

Roller Supports

X-Z Roller Supports for Big Ton Springs (20,000 lbs, 8" travel) for Pressure Vessels

PT&P Acquires Mobile Test Facility for Snubbers

October 31st, 1998 No comments

In addition to the snubber test equipment obtained from Basic Engineers, PT&P has purchased a mobile snubber test facility from Commonwealth Edison, an electric utility in Illinois. The mobile snubber test trailer was in use at ComEd’s La Salle Nuclear facility.

This snubber test system is installed in a large truck trailer which was specifically designed to house a mobile test facility. The trailer is 47.5 feet long and is climate controlled with both heat and air conditioning. It has a one-ton crane that runs the length of the trailer and can be extended an additional 8 feet for loading and unloading snubbers. It also includes a small office.

The snubber test trailer contains test benches with a test capacity of 135,000 lbs. PT&P plans to begin providing field testing service to customers using this mobile facility.

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PT&P signed for Power Project in Puerto Rico

October 24th, 1998 No comments

PT&P has a contract to provide the fabricated pipe supports and the cold shoes on a power plant in Puerto Rico. Imported liquid natural gas will be the primary fuel for the plant.  PT&P cold shoes will be important to support the piping from the LNG storage tanks to the power plant. PT&P has worked on power projects in Rhode Island and Beaumont, Texas. Currently, PT&P is working on power projects in China, Malaysia and various sites in the United States.

Basic Engineers Auction Yields Manufacturing Machinery
A supplier of pipe supports, Basic Engineers (BE) of Johnstown, PA decided to close its business in late 1997. In May 1998, the company held an auction to liquidate BE’s manufacturing equipment.  PT&P acquired the majority of Basic Engineers’ assets, including its test equipment for snubbers.  For additional information on snubbers, please refer to our Mobility Test article.

Fall Open House Set For November 4
PT&P’s workforce of over 350 dedicated employees will welcome guests at this year’s Fall open house, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, November 4. The celebration will be at the plant: 3701 Holmes Rd. in Houston, Texas.  Those who attend will be treated to a luncheon and have the opportunity to register for door prizes including a pentium computer, golf clubs and sports bags.

Improved Hydraulic Snubber in Final Stages of Development

October 18th, 1998 No comments

PT&P has been developing and testing a better hydraulic snubber during recent months. Final independent tests at a university laboratory are confirming our tests.

PT&P’s new snubber design features a spring-loaded cylinder in the hydraulic reservoir which feeds the main cylinder. This design is more compact, and it allows the snubber to be mounted in any orientation. With the addition of test equipment from our recent acquisition from the Basic Engineers Auction, PT&P plans to have these snubbers in production by the end of this year.

3D Models of PT&P Spring Hangers and Hardware are now available for Intergraph’s PDS Plant Design Software.

Do you want more information about hydraulic snubbers? Visit our webinar archives today!


High School Drafting Students Visit PT&P

October 4th, 1998 No comments

Thirty-six students in the drafting program at the Houston Independent School District’s Barbara Jordan High School for Careers spent a Friday morning in November 1997 learning how technical drawings are used during the fabrication of pipe supports, pressure vessels, expansion joints and other items produced at PT&P.

After an introductory review of PT&P’s business and a one-hour lecture covering specific projects requiring drawings (made more palatable by cookies) the students took a tour of PT&P’s plant. Students saw shears, saws and burning machines cutting metal pieces to be welded. In another area, they saw how a metal sheet is seam welded and then formed into bellows elements for expansion joints. They also saw how polyurethane components are produced for cryogenic pipe supports.

High School Visit

High School Visit

The tour was arranged by Wilford Stewart, who teaches drafting at BJHS. The first course in the program is a traditional technical drawing board course, followed by courses on computer-aided drafting using AutoCAD. Students must take Algebra and Geometry concurrently with their drafting. Jesse Porter, Sr. Graphics Manager at PT&P, conducted the tour (see photo).

PT&P looks forward to having young people from the school district learn about how they can put what they learn to good use in industry. By supporting the public schools, PT&P hopes to show it cares about the future of education.

PT&P Breaks Ground on Another Plant Expansion

September 20th, 1998 No comments

In August, PT&P broke ground on another expansion to its manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas. The contract for another 100,000-square feet metal building was awarded several months ago. The selected vendor will provide drawings, materials and erection services.

Plant Expansion

Plant Expansion

As the illustration at left shows, this plant expansion will nearly double PT&P’s manufacturing work space. PT&P’s new building will contain machinery from its U.S. Bellows Expansion Joints Division as well as machines for PT&P’s other product lines.

PT&P added 100,000 sq. ft. of shop space two years ago. This expansion, expected to be complete by the November 4 open house, will bring total shop space to nearly 450,000 sq. ft.

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