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Product of the Week Archives

Fabricated Pipe Shoes, Guides and Anchors
  1. Custom Designed Bolt Cradle Supports for a Chemical Plant in Texas 6/20/17
  2. Bolt Cradle Supports with Slide Plates Designed for a Combined Cycle Facility 7/14/14
  3. 72 Bolt Cradle Pipe Supports Designed for a Sulphuric Acid Plant 12/30/13
  4. Pipe Guides Designed for a Recovery Boiler 12/1/13
  5. 81 Pipe Shoes Designed for a Solar Power Plant in California 8/26/13


Snubbers / Sway Braces / Sway Struts
  1. Mechanical Snubbers for a Refinery in Oklahoma 5/8/17
  2. Hydraulic Snubbers for an Ammonia Plant in Louisiana 11/28/16
  3. Sway Strut and Pipe Clamp Assemblies Designed for an Energy Combustibles and Lubricants Facility 11/21/16
  4. Hydraulic Snubbers Designed for LLDPE Chemical Plant 6/17/16
  5. Custom Sway Strut and Pipe Clamp Assemblies for an LNG Plant in Australia 1/25/16


Expansion Joints
  1. Single Expansion Joints for a Pipeline in Louisiana 10/30/2017
  2. Rectangular Metallic Expansion Joint for an Oil Refinery in Texas 10/16/2017
  3. Custom 335" Long Universal Expansion Joint for an ACC Unit in New York 10/2/2017
  4. Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints for Pneumatic Conveying and Filtration at a Manufacturing Facility in Missouri 9/18/2017
  5. EPDM Rubber Expansion Joints for a Water Cooling Loop at a Chemical Plant in Saudi Arabia 9/5/2017


Anchor Bolts and Embeds

  1. Screen Guides for a Cooling Tower at a Chemical Plant in Texas 4/10/2017
  2. Anchor Bolts for Boiler Feed Water Pump Turbine Drives 9/6/06
  3. 240"x12"x1/2" Embed Plates for Concrete Reinforcement Application 12/5/03
  4. Custom Embed Plates for Gold Mine in Cajamarca, Peru 3/1/01
  5. Galvanized Embed Plates 3/27/92


Flow Products

  1. 14" Diameter Spectacle Blinds for Process Piping 11/10/09
  2. Lateral Joints for the Chemical Process Industry 5/23/07
  3. 24" and 42" Diameter Spectacle Blinds 2/28/07
  4. 84" Seawall Outfall Flow Regulating Device Flow 8/20/04
  5. 30" Spectacle Blinds for a Petroleum Plant in Texas 5/9/03


Pressure Vessels/Tanks

  1. 108" Dia. Storage Tank and Containment Tank Designed for a Chemical Plant in Texas 1/11/15
  2. 42" Dia. Stainless Steel Storage Tank 7/22/13
  3. 48" Dia. High Pressure Knock-out Drum Vessel 7/1/13
  4. 84" Water Treatment Vessel Designed for a Refinery in Texas 6/18/12
  5. 48" Diameter Stainless Steel Glycol Makeup Tank Fabricated 12/5/11


  Engineered Spring Supports
  1. Custom Designed Big Ton Spring Supports for a Propane Dehydrogenation Application in Texas 11/20/17
  2. Custom Compact Springs Designed to Support a Storage Tank 10/9/17
  3. Big Ton Constant Supports Designed with Bronzphite® Slide Plates for Oil Refinery in China 9/25/17
  4. U-Type Constant Spring Supports Designed for a Power Plant 8/20/17
  5. Variable Spring Supports for a Furnace Application at an Ammonia Plant 8/7/17


Support Assembly Components
  1. Trapeze Roller Hangers for a Food Processing Facility 4/24/2017
  2. Type-C Variable Assemblies with Dual Travelers for a De-coker Unit 12/26/2016
  3. Custom Designed Pipe Clamp and Sway Strut Assemblies for an Ethane Cracker Facility in Texas 12/12/2016
  4. Pipe Roller Stands for a Wastewater Treatment Plant 11/7/2016
  5. Adjustable Pipe Stands Designed for a Crude Oil Terminal in Texas 10/24/2016


Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports
  1. Over 4,000 Cryogenic Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Designed for LNG Service 11/7/17
  2. Cryogenic Pipe Supports Designed for a Facility in Massachusetts 9/11/17
  3. 3-Layer Cryogenic Pipe Shoes for a Light Hydrocarbon Chemical Plant in Texas 6/12/17
  4. High Temperature Insulated Supports for an HP Steam Header 5/30/17
  5. Cryogenic Insulated Pipe Supports Designed for a Petrochemical Complex in Louisiana 3/27/17


Slide Plates

  1. PTFE Slide Plates Designed for an Oil Refinery in Texas 12/1/14
  2. Custom Designed PTFE Slide Plate and Pipe Shoe Assemblies 3/25/13
  3. PTFE Slide Plates Designed for a Refinery in Louisiana 12/3/12
  4. PTFE, 25% Glass Filled Slide Plates Bonded to Stainless Steel Backing Plates 10/17/11
  5. 19 Sets of Phosphorus Bronze and Stainless Steel Slide Plate Assemblies for Supporting Vessels 9/14/10
ASME/Misc. Fabricated Products
  1. Structural Supports Custom Designed for a Liquefaction Project 5/22/17
  2. 90" Dia. Duct Work Designed for an Ammonia Plant in Louisiana 5/5/15
  3. Over 8,000 Instrument Stands Designed for an LNG Facility 12/22/14
  4. Structural Supports Designed for Instrument Panels in an LNG Facility 11/23/14
  5. Duct Work Custom Designed with Turning Vanes 8/17/14


Pig Launchers and Receivers
  1. Pig Launchers and Receivers Designed for a Crude Export Pipeline 2/23/14
  2. Pig Launcher and Receiver with a Flag Indicator 5/16/11
  3. ASME Code Pig Launchers and Receivers with a Safety Locking System 1/4/11
  4. Pig Launcher and Receiver with a GD Closure 10/13/09
  5. Pig Launchers and Receivers for a Petroleum Pipeline 7/2/08


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