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Proposed OSHA Citations

Houston, TX – March 13, 2012 – In response to the citations delivered earlier today by OSHA, Piping Technology Vice President, R. K. Agrawal offers the following statement:

"We (Piping Technology & Products) operate a safe workplace for its employees.  We take the safety and health of each and every member of our team very seriously and we think the facts and our record reflect that.

While we have just received them and are still studying them, we disagree with the conclusions of the citations and proposed fines.  We look forward to working with OSHA to resolve our differences.

The press release references a June 2011 inspection: As an update on these alleged violations and proposed fines, our company has contested all of these citations and has entered into the resolution process with the Department of Labor.

We are very proud of our history of creating over 600 manufacturing jobs in Houston while competing against aggressive, low-cost manufacturers from China and Taiwan.  We are also proud to have achieved this while manufacturing has declined from 22% to 10% of the US economy and more US companies are sending manufacturing jobs overseas.  In our 30+ year history, Piping Technology has succeeded by taking a long-term view and safety is and has always been one of our core values.  We’ve never held back when it’s come to investing time or money to maintain the safety of our employees."

R. K. Agrawal
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